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Kodak refuses to let die the film launches iPhone app

As a blow, I think, but late. The truth is that far from pick up and finish ordenamente, Kodak intends to refocus its business because despite the deterioration of image and its financial problems, refuses to leave the ring photo. His latest venture has been to launch an iPhone application to locate outlets Kodak film and a complete guide on how to use it. I'm not sure what the goal or if such a movement can revive sales, but I think it's a strange move at least in my opinion because I think it is too late, as he has done many things in Kodak the past: late. Currently the application is only available for iOS and English. According to the Head of Film Systems and Kodak paper with this application customers can also find those development laboratories using their products and support users still using Kodak film. Still, Kodak friends, later, a little late or, Perhaps, better late than never?

Apple asks bankruptcy court for OK to sue Kodak for infringement ...

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