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UK Court forcing Apple to republish the apology to Samsung

The court judge ordered the UK to Apple releasing a statement with an apology he should say that Samsung had copied its iPad tablet, Apple said it had failed and demanded the Cupertino firm to redo the press and publishing on the cover of your site.
While Apple released a statement about it, it was in an internal page of the site which was accessible only from a small link from the front page.
But the apology was no apology itself, made it clear that the court had ordered the post that apology and that they had won lawsuits against Samsung in Germany and the United States.
This was not very well taken by the trial judge, who now gives 48 hours to remake the Apple press release and the same shall be in cover until December 14. It must also comply with the order to publish some warnings that include the apology, in some print media.

U.K. Court Orders Apple to Rewrite Apology to Samsung - John ...

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