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According to IDC, Apple now has only 50% of the tablet market

A few days ago when Apple made the official announcement of their new tablet iPad Mini, Apple CEO Tim Cook, showed a chart with figures of tablet market according to web traffic, without specifying the source of information.
Then I remember that I made a joke, saying something like that the data were taken from Starbucks, referring to that many people use Apple products at that facility. But while the joke, there is nothing real numbers that Cook offered perhaps not have much real, and that the superiority of the Apple tablets in the chart that showed Cook, in stark contrast to what some other companies report research.
According to Business Insider, the number of Apple could be a report from Chitika, which is a network of ads that monitors 250. 000 sites in the U.S. and Canada.
For example IDC reports that in the third quarter of the year Apple lost 15% of the market share of tablets he had in the second quarter, which was 65. 5%. According to IDC now only holds 50. 4% and while still a significant number, losing 15% in 3 months is enough to worry a little.
Those who shared that 15% were Amazon, Asus, Lenovo and Samsung. Here are the numbers from IDC report,
Equally as Tim Mainelli, IDC Research Director,
"We believe that a significant percentage of consumers interested in buying an Apple tablet missed the third quarter pending the announcement of the new iPad Mini. Now that the new iPad mini and fourth generation of full size, are on sale now, we believe that Apple will have a very good quarter. However, we believe that the mini, with a relatively high initial price u $ s 329, leaves much room for Android vendors to build on the success they achieved in the third quarter "
Another report from the firm Net Market Share, says that Apple owns 59. 9% vs. 27% of Android, although in this case the numbers of figures including Apple iPhone and iPad.

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