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OpenStreetMap: collaborative project in which the maps are based Apple

Much has been said about the problems with Apple to replace Google Maps application on your platform. And when we begin to investigate where the data arise, we see that a lot of information comes from an open source project, collaborative project, where you can enter information.
It is a concept similar to Wikipedia, but for maps and other geographic data much broader than just street names.
OpenStreetMap is a project in which you want to create and provide free geographic data such as street maps, place names, photographs, etc. to anyone who needs it. Why did the project? The project was started because most maps that are believed to be free actually have legal or technical restrictions for use, which means that you can not use it in your own creative projects.
The large database is generated from data entered by ordinary users, up from photographs, GPS data and simply the good knowledge of the area where you live.
This information is then up to the central database from where later OpenStreetMap can be edited, modified, corrected or enriched by anyone who detects inaccuracies, omissions, etc..

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