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Do we teach the best picture you've taken with a mobile?: The question of the week

Thanks to Mobile is easier and faster to take a picture. Technological advances have helped, and still do, a lot of people are encouraged to make beautiful photos with your iPhone camera or Smartphone, then share them on social networks. We would like to see that picture that you feel moving really proud, so the question this week is:
As all the news has its pros and cons, the instagramers, or mobile photographers have to deal with the prejudices that photographers have cameras, as they did with the analog. But as my colleague Rodrigo indicates in his post about the documentary "Portrait", what really matters is that a picture transmit feelings and teach us an event, ultimately, that works, regardless of the medium with which it has made .
Today marks the Meet The Experts Photography which will look at the future of photography, with special emphasis on the development of new technologies. So from Engadget picture, we would like to see your photo taken with the phone, one that you feel really proud.
While mobile photography decide that we want to show we browse the question last week was: What do you think are the worst habits in mobile photography? The answer most valued of all received was that of Mario Gz:
Please remember that we close comments on this publication to remain all encompassed in question, within the Answers. Section which we invite you to visit and that you leave any doubt, question or your own photographic experience to share with other readers of Engadget Photo.

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