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Accessories for the iPhone's camera, a bit of everything

Around the iPhone and other smartphone, has grown really extensive aftermarket. The ones we are interested in are the accessories for the camera. In Engadget Photo've seen a few others. Today we show a new batch that may be of interest to those who use the device to photograph their daily lives.
HiLo Lens is the last to appear. This is a small lens with a prism inside that can take photos with the iPhone angles (90 °) or positions would be little comfortable than before. For example, lifting the phone and the screen can see what we're focusing on.
Is currently in phase of fundraising. The price at which the sale is expected to be 60 dollars. I think something too so maybe better to wait.
Certainly, for me, the best accessory for the iPhone's camera to be found. Only compatible with 4/4S is underway although making a model compatible with the iPhone 5. It has two lenses that offer a fisheye, wide angle and macro. Ollo Clip The price is $ 69.99.
Telephoto is a small object that allows us to further our iphone zoom. It has its drawbacks as the slight vignetting but generates good, in certain circumstances it may be interesting. It retails for $ 35.
In Photojojo can also find other interesting accessories like macro lenses, wide angle, etc …
All accessories that we can find for our smartphone camera could say that they are unnecessary. Actually, with the limitations of these devices, or even by many lens adapters to use in order to put our SLR that will not replace a camera.
But it is true that how we value the photographs taken with a cellphone can afford certain licenses would not do with our SLR. It is in this scenario is where this kind of accessories can offer interesting applications to a point even artistic.

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