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iPad 5 Rumors: Souped Up iPad Mini Coming in… March?!

iPad 4It was probably too much to ask that we make it to the end of the year without firing up the new [new (new)] iPad rumor mill, especially given that it’s barely been two months since the iPad 4 appeared. And yet! There is, says Macotakara—a site that’s usually pretty good at this sort of thing—a new iPad in the works. It will, says the site’s unnamed source, look like a powered-up iPad mini and will be available in March. One of those things is probably true. The other is wolf-face crazy. When Apple released the iPad mini last fall, it took the opportunity to rip off two Band-Aids at once. First, it updated its biggie iPad to the lightning connector standard. Good! Uniform product lines are healthy for everybody. But even more crucially, from Cupertino’s point of view, is that it put the full-size iPad on the holiday buying schedule.

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