iPhone Authors: Kira Makagon, Elizabeth White, Pat Romanski, Jnan Dash, Ram Sonagara

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Global Electronic Security Systems Industry

NEW YORK, March 14, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Reportlinker.com announces that a new market research report is available in its catalogue:

Global Electronic Security Systems Industry

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Electronic Security Systems in US$ Million by the following Product Categories/Segments: Alarms, Electronic Access Control Systems, CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment, and Others. The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2010 through 2018. A six-year historic analysis is also provided for these markets. The report profiles 196 companies including many key and niche players such as Aiphone Co. Ltd., ASSA-ABLOY AB, Axis Communications, Bosch Security Systems, Diebold Inc., Fermax Electronica S.A.E, Global Security Solutions, Guardian Protection Services, Inc., Gunnebo AB, Identive Group, Inc., Hirsch Identive, Honeywell International Inc., Huviron Co., Ltd., Imprivata®, Inc., Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies, Kaba Group, Linear LLC, March Networks Corporation, NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc., Niscayah Group AB, PAC International Ltd., Panasonic Corporation, Schneider Electric SA, Pelco, SAFRAN Group, Morpho Trust USA Inc., Secom Co., Ltd., SecuGen Corporation, Securitas Direct AB, Siemens AG, Siemens Building Technology Ltd., Siemens Building Technologies, Inc., Electronics, Inc., Toshiba America, Inc., Tyco International Ltd., ADT Security Services, Inc., Tyco Fire & Security, United Technologies Corporation, UTC Fire & Security, Chubb Plc, Chubb Securite S.A.S, Chubb Edwards, and Yoko Technology Corp. Market data and analytics are derived from primary and secondary research. Company profiles are primarily based upon search engine sources in the public domain.

Study Reliability and Reporting Limitations I-1
Disclaimers I-2
Data Interpretation & Reporting Level I-2
Quantitative Techniques & Analytics I-3
Product Definitions and Scope of Study I-3
Alarms I-3
Electronic Access Control Systems I-3
CCTV/ Video Surveillance I-4
Other Electronic Security Systems I-4


Safety & Security - High Priority II-1
Electronic Security Systems - An Overview II-1
Impact of 2007-2009 Recession in Retrospect II-2
Impact of the European Debt Crisis: A Review II-3
Outlook II-4
BRIC: To Drive Global Growth in the Short-to-Medium Term Period II-4
CIVETS: New Hope in the Longer Term II-5
Technology Developments - A Way to Go II-5
Cloud Solutions Adds to the Physical Electronic Security Systems II-6
Review of Key Trends, Growth Drivers and Issues in Product
Markets II-7
For the CCTV/Video Surveillance Market II-7
Expanding Product Range to Become Domineering Theme II-7
Falling Equipment Prices Spur Increased Spending on CCTV
Equipment II-7
Favorable Legal, Social & Political Perspectives Boost the
Market for CCTVs II-7
Technology Developments - The Hallmark of CCTV/Video
Surveillance Segment II-7
Digital Security - A Vibrant Market Opportunity II-8
Digital CCTV Replaces Analog CCTV II-8
Migration from Analog to IP Based Video Surveillance to
Boost CCTV/Video Surveillance Market II-9
Table 1: Global Video Surveillance Market (2009 & 2014):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Revenue by Type of Video
Camera (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-10
Mega-Pixel Resolution Images - The Current Flavor for
Network Video Surveillance II-10
The Quest for Product Differentiation Continues among
Network Camera Manufacturers II-11
H.264 technology Eases Bandwidth & Storage Needs for
Network Cameras II-11
Mobility for Video Surveillance - An Emerging Trend II-11
Rising Sophistication of Video Analytics Augurs Well for
CCTV/Video Surveillance Market II-12
Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV) - An Issue of Privacy II-12
Controversies Surrounding the CCTV Hype II-13
Effectiveness in Crime Prevention under Question II-13
Legal and Courtroom Issues II-13
Civil Liberty and Infringement at Workplace Issues II-13
EACS Market II-13
Integrated Security Solutions & Advanced Network Systems to
Boost EACS Market II-13
Biometric Solutions to Uphold Market Demand for Electronic
Access Control Systems II-13
Market for Biometric Solutions Driven EACS Bound to Expand
in View of Airport Security Threats II-14
Rising Demand for Hand Geometry Systems II-14
Demand for Smart Cards Expected to Progress in Banking, Mass
Transit, Building, Network Security and Identification
Sectors II-15
Smart Cards Facing Competition from Optical Cards II-15
Multi-Technology Enhances Productivity II-15
EACS Mandatory for Commercial & Industrial Sectors II-16
Wi-Fi Comes of Age - Uses Wired Equivalent Privacy Encryption II-16
Competitive Scenario II-16
M&A Activity Rife in the Electronic Security Systems Industry II-16
EACS Market: Highly Competitive II-17

Alarms II-18
Intrusion Alarms II-18
Premier Alarm Systems II-18
Area Alarms II-18
Electronic Access Control Systems II-18
EACS - Preventative Measures and Solutions II-19
Types of Electronic Access Control Systems II-19
Card-Based Electronic Access Control Systems II-19
Bar Code Cards II-20
Barium Ferrite Cards II-20
Dual Function Cards II-20
Magnetic Stripe Cards II-20
Wiegand Cards II-20
Proximity Cards & Proximity Readers II-20
Smart Cards II-20
The Technology II-21
Applications II-21
Features II-22
Chip Operating System II-23
Functions of COS II-23
Multi Application Card Operating Systems (MACOS) II-23
Tough Times Ahead for Smart Cards II-23
Smart Card Readers II-23
Contactless Smart Card Technology II-24
Better than Contact Smart Card Technology II-24
Compatibility with Other Technologies II-24
Optical Cards II-25
Features II-25
Hands-Free Systems II-25
Token-based systems II-25
Legacy Technology Based Cards II-25
Biometrics-Based Electronic Access Control Systems II-25
Biometrics II-25
Organizations Point-of-View II-26
Biometrics Authentication II-26
Capture II-26
Process II-26
Enroll II-27
Verify II-27
Biometrics Vs Traditional Security Systems II-27
Evolving Biometric Technologies II-27
DNA Biometrics II-27
Identification Using Skin Characteristics II-27
Finger & Fingerprint Identification Systems II-27
Phases of Fingerprint Identification II-28
Fingerprint Scanners II-28
Fingerprint Sensing Technologies II-29
Hand & Palm Geometry Systems II-29
Retinal & Iris Scanning Systems II-30
Retinal Scanning II-30
Iris Scanning II-30
Facial Recognition Systems II-31
Voice Recognition Systems II-31
Forms of Voice Recognition Systems II-31
Signature Analysis Systems II-32
Applications II-32
Keystroke Dynamics Systems II-32
Applications II-32
Biometrics - Market Drivers II-33
Biometrics - Market Inhibitors II-33
Biometrics Physical Access Control II-33
Horizontal Applications II-33
Vertical Applications II-34
Audio and Video-Based Electronic Access Control Systems II-34
Technological Trends II-34
Audio & Video-based EACS - in Brief II-35
Keypad-Based Electronic Access Control Systems II-35
Digital Keypad Systems II-35
Online systems II-35
Multi-Technology Electronic Access Control Systems II-35
E-Justice: Express Entry System II-36
Biometric Sensors with Smart Cards II-36
Radio Frequency Identification Systems II-36
Electronic Asset Tracking and Protection Systems II-36
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) II-37
CCTV/ Video Surveillance II-37
Components of CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment II-38
Cameras II-38
Advantages of Digital Camera over Analog Camera II-38
Recorders II-39
Monitors II-39
Different Types of CCTV systems II-40
Simple CCTV Systems II-40
Mains Powered CCTV Systems II-40
Video CCTV II-41
Analog CCTV II-41
Digital CCTV II-41
Digital Surveillance Systems II-41
Digital Video Recorder II-41
PC Based Digital CCTV II-41
Digital Vs Analog II-42
Digital Video Recorder (DVR) - An Insight II-42
CCTV - A Historic Insight II-43
CCTV During 1950-1980 II-43
CCTV in 1990s II-43
Distribution Channels II-43
System Integrators II-43
Security Dealers II-44
Security Distributors II-44
Major Applications II-44
CCTV as Preventive System II-44
CCTV as Movement Detection System II-44
System Integration II-44
Other Electronic Security Systems II-44

Lenel Systems International Unveils OnGuard 2012 Security
Management Platform II-45
SimpliSafe Introduces SimpliSafe2 Wireless Alarm System II-45
Phantom Data Services Introduces PhantomLink Security
Monitoring Device II-46
Zicom Electronic Security Systems Introduces Advanced Security
Units II-46
Stanley Access Technologies Unveils Eco ProTM Electronic
Controls Option for Comprehensive SAT Automatic Slide Door
Systems Range II-46
Salto Systems Launches Standalone and Integrated Security
Solutions II-47
IndigoVision Introduces Enhanced Support for Gallagher Access
Control System II-47
Axis Communications Launches AXIS M11-L Network Cameras II-48
DigitalPersona Unveils DigitalPersona® Pro Enterprise software II-48
Siemens Building Technologies Launches the NewDesigo V5 II-49
Honeywell Launches the New MAXPRO NVR 2.0 Network Video Recorder II-49
Vicon to Launch New 1080p Surveyor HD PTZ Dome II-49
Axis Communications Unveils the New ARTPEC-4 Chip II-50
Interlogix Unveils Simon XTiTM Self-Contained Security System II-50
Axis Communications Launches AXIS M1034-W and AXIS M1033-W II-50
SecuGen Introduces Fraud Prevention and Biometric Identity
Management for SAP® System II-51
Axis Communications Unveils AXIS M1014 and AXIS M1013 II-52
Honeywell Security & Communications Launches LYNX Touch 5100 II-52
SPCanywhere Offered on App Store II-53
Linear Unveils VMC1 Video Security Intercom II-53
Axis Communications Launches AXIS M11 Network Camera Series II-54
Axis Communications Rolls Out Fixed Dome Cameras II-54
Vicon Industries Launches V-CELL-IP Camera II-55
Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products Group Launches IK-
WP41A Pan-Tilt-Zoom IP Dome Camera II-55
Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Products Group Introduces
Recording Solutions II-55
March Networks® Unveils Command Lite Video Management System II-56
Honeywell Rolls Out MAXPRO® Cloud II-56
BridgePoint Systems Collaborates with SecuGen to Launch
TrustPoint 3-Factor Biometric Reader II-57
Axis Communications Launches AXIS Camera Companion II-57
Toshiba Launches IK-WR14A IP Network Dome Camera II-58
Siemens Building Technologies Division Rolls Out Facility To
GoTM Application II-58
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies Launches aptiQmobile™ Key
Management System II-59
Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Unveils Range of High-
Definition LCD Monitors II-59
Axis Communications Rolls Out AXIS Q7424-R Video Encoder II-59
Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Unveiles New G5 Series of
Digital Video Recorders II-60
NICE Launches New Version of NICE Situator II-61
Continental™ Unveils New 2.8 Enterprise Class Software II-61
DigitalPersona Unveils FingerJet™ OEM Software II-61
Linear Launches Channel Plus 5415HD Video Modulator II-62
Linear Rolls Out 24W Plug-in-Power Supplies II-62
Linear Offers AM-RS232 Serial Extender Kit II-62
Linear Launches Aigis Range of InterPro IP Network Cameras II-63
Honeywell Unveils Total Connect 2.0 Technology Platform II-63
Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Launches IK-WD14A Dome Camera II-63
NAPCO Security Technologies Rolls Out StarLink™ Universal Radio II-64
ADT Security Services Launches ADT Pulse Interactive Business
Solutions II-64
Honeywell Introduces New Android™ Application for Total
ConnectTM 2.0 Remote Services II-65
ADT Commercial Unveils Hosted Video Solution II-65
Honeywell Unveils 6280 Graphic Touchscreen Keypad Interface II-65
Interlogix™ to Introduce TruPortal II-66
Interlogix™ Expands IP Camera Line with TruVision IP Open-
Standards Cameras II-66
Linear Unveils the eMerge 50 Security System II-67
Honeywell and Tridium Roll Out Rapid Eye™ Driver II-67
Honeywell Unveils Entry-Level MAXPRO® NVR XE IP Video
Surveillance System II-68
Onity™ Introduces OnPoint™ Keycard Encoder II-68
NICE Rolls-Out NICE Situator Solution for Public Safety II-69
ADT Commercial Unveils Hosted Video Services II-69
Axis Communications Rolls-Out AXIS P72 and AXIS M70 Video
Encoder Series II-70
Axis Communications Unveils Indoor Q6032 PTZ Dome Network Camera II-70
Axis Communications Launches Q1602/-E Network Cameras II-71
Axis Communications Launches AXIS P3367-VE and P3367-V Cameras II-72
Morpho Introduces MorphoAccess® VP Range II-72
SecuGen Launches SDA Series OEM Fingerprint Modules II-72
Napco Introduces NAPCO iBridge™ II-72
Vicon Industries Unveils V960 Fixed Camera Range II-73
Vicon Launches V660 Range of Analog Cameras II-73
Honeywell Introduces MAXPRO NVR SE II-73
Honeywell Launches IPCAM-WO II-74
Honeywell Introduces HREP DVR II-74
Axis Communications Unveils AXIS M31-VE Network Cameras II-74
Axis Communications Introduces AXIS Q6035/-E PTZ Dome Network
Cameras. II-75
Axis Communications Launches AXIS P5544 PTZ Dome Network Camera II-75
Axis Communications Unveils AXIS P5512/-E PTZ Dome Network
Cameras II-76
Axis Communications Unveils AXIS P5522/-E PTZ Dome Network
Cameras II-77
Morpho Launches MorphoIDent II-78
Niscayah Sweden Unveils Intelligent Video Solutions II-78
Genie Unveils New Technical Specification Guide II-78
Axis Introduces M50 PTZ Cameras II-79
Gadspot Unveils 700TV Range of New Surveillance Cameras II-79
DISPPL Introduces a New Surveillance System II-79
CCTV Camera Pros Introduces EC550VF12 IR Video Surveillance
Camera II-80
AlarmForce Introduces VideoRelay Surveillance Solution II-80
United Security Introduces Alarm Response and Verification
Service II-80
LEA Launches Scorpion Blue-Tooth Video/Audio Recorder for
Surveillance II-81
Voicetel Introduces 3G Car Alarm Solution II-81
Sparsh® Introduces Bravure 650 TVL Series II-82
Electronic Verification Systems Introduces IdentiFlo
Management Platform II-82
Your Alarm Now Introduces Elite Package II-82
ASA Launches Innovative Range of Medical Alarms II-83
Samsung Unveils Full HD 1080p II-83
TelcoDepot Unveils Geovision Video Surveillance Systems II-83
Avigilon Unveils JPEG2000 HD Pro Camera Range II-84
Avigilon Unveils ACC 4.10 II-84
Batelco Unveils 'Safety Surveillance Camera Solution' II-84
Smart Security Systems Introduces Mini-Optical Turnstile for
Entry Control II-85
DryTech Rolls out Security Alarm Systems in Australia II-85
Cobra Unveils Global Live CCTV Monitoring Security System II-85
AgileMesh™ Introduces Second-Generation G2 Produce Line for
Surveillance Applications II-86
Genie Unveils New Technical Specification Guide II-87
Axis Introduces M50 PTZ Cameras II-87
Gadspot Unveils 700TV Range of New Surveillance Cameras II-88
DISPPL Introduces a New Surveillance System II-88
e-Line Introduces New Outdoor Wi-Fi Cameras II-89
Mountain Alarm Introduces New Wireless Security Systems Division II-89
G4S Launches Fire Alarm and Detection System II-89
Bosch Launches EX65 Camera Series II-90
Comcast Unveils Security Alarm Systems II-91
CSS Launches GPRS Enabled Security System II-91
MEL Launches Virtual Pivot CCTV System II-91
Crosspath Launches LFS Detectors II-92
Vstar Launches Smart Home II-92
Singer Rolls Out Add-On Integrated PowerMax+ II-93

Napco Launches MyRemoteKeypad Application II-94
NICE Unveils NiceVision Net 2.0 II-94
Siemens Building Technologies Division Unveils SiPass Entro MP6.5 II-94
Axis Communications Launches AXIS M31-R Network Camera Series
and AXIS Q8108-R Network Video Recorder II-95
Axis Communications Unveils New Thermal Network Cameras II-95
NICE Systems Launches NICE Situator II-95
Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Rolls Out IK-WD12A Camera II-96
Gunnebo Unveils SecurWave® Solution II-96
Lenel Systems International Introduces Security Series Hardware II-97
ADT Security Services Unveils ADT Select View Service Platform II-97
Hirsch Electronics Rolls Out Velocity Security Management System™ II-98
March Networks® Launches New Video Products II-99
ADT Security Services Introduces ADT Pulse Interactive Solution II-100
Axis Communications Unveils AXIS P3346 Fixed Dome Network Cameras II-101
Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Launches IK-WR12A Network Dome
Camera II-101
Honeywell Introduces New PTZ Dome, Access Control Component
and DVR II-102
Axis Communications Launches AXIS Q1921-E and AXIS Q1921
Thermal Network Cameras II-102
SecuGen Introduces SecuGen iD-USB SC/PIV™ II-103
Toshiba Surveillance & IP Video Rolls Out IK-WB 16A-W Camera II-103
Honeywell Launches HD4MDIP Mini-Dome IP Camera II-104
Gunnebo Unveils GSL 1000 Electronic Lock II-104
Axis Communications Introduces PTZ Network Cameras II-105
Linear Unveils DC-Powered Garage Door Opener LDCO800 II-106
Sagem Sécurité Introduces multi-Match On card IDeal Citiz™
with Subsidiaries II-106
Siemens Building Technologies Division Introduces MP2.5
Security Management System of SiPass Integrated II-107
Axis Communications Launches New 5-megapixel Fixed Network
Cameras II-107
Axis Communications Introduces New Modular Control Board II-108
March Networks® Launches New IP Edge Devices II-109
SecuGen Unveils iD-USB SC™ Fingerprint and Smart Card Reader II-109
Honeywell Launches 6160PX Custom Alpha Prox Keypad II-110
SecuGen Introduces iD-SERIAL™ Fingerprint Reader II-110
Axis Communications Unveils AXIS M1054 Network Camera II-110
Gunnebo Introduces VisioCast Digital Recording System II-111
Honeywell Launches LYNX Plus Security System II-111
Axis Communications Launches Outdoor-Ready Fixed Network Cameras II-112
Law Enforcement Associates Launches the Super Scorpion Kit and
the Patrol Kit II-113
IDN-Acme Launches bits in Partnership with AMT II-113
EDAG Launches Bomb Clearing Technology II-113
Digitals India Security Products Unveils Guard MC G+: A GSM-
based Banking Security System II-113
CCTV Camera Pros Introduces the New PTZ-A10X Pan, Zoom, Tilt
Camera II-114
Audiovox Introduces the New Pursuit Series of Remote-Start,
Vehicle Security Systems and Bluetooth Hands-Free Kit II-114
CCTV Camera Pros Introduces the New DPRO-9620VF Dome Infrared
Camera II-115
Law Enforcement Associates Introduces Previews Portable Video
Surveillance Platform II-116
CCTV Camera Pros Introduces iDVR PRO Series Surveillance
Systems for MAC II-116
NLSS Introduces HD Media Decoder II-117
Axis Introduces Kits of Digital Video Surveillance for SMBs II-117
Site Security 360 Introduces Self-Service Pricing Portal II-118
CCTV Camera Pros Introduces New Night Vision Long Range CCTV
Camera II-118
Samsung Unveils Vision 2010, New Business Initiative II-119
Security Systems of Las Vegas Rolls Out Perfect Security
Systems for Commercial or Home Establishments II-119
South Korea to Launch Unmanned Border Security System II-120
CCTV4U Introduces New 8-Channel Digital Video Recorder II-120
DVTel Introduces Comprehensive IP Video Security Product Line II-120
Hikvision Introduces Next-Generation Audio / Video Compression
Card II-121
IBM Rolls out Integrated Network Video Monitoring System at
the Navy Pier in Chicago II-121
Bosch Unveils Advanced Analog Fire Control Panel II-122
Third Iris Rolls out VIAAS II-123
Alarm.com Introduces Standalone Video Solution II-124
TAIS Launches IK-7100A Series II-124
Telent to Enhance DOO Systems of Network Rail with new CCTVs
and Monitors II-125
Panasonic Launches BL-C101 and BL-C121 Network Cameras II-125
Axis Communications Launches AXIS M7001 Video Encoder II-125
Siemens Building Technologies Upgrades Synco living Home
Automation System II-126
MATE-Intelligent Video Incorporates Video with Hirsch Security II-126
ADT Security Unveils ADT Motion Viewer II-127
Dedicated Micros Introduces HyperSense Technology Based ANPR
Optimized Cameras II-127
Digimerge Introduces DHU500 Series Digital Video Recorders in
Europe II-128
Panasonic Unveils BB-HCM527 and BB-HCM547 Dome Network Cameras II-128
Axis Communications to Launch Network Video Products with H.
264 technology II-128
Bosch Security Systems Launches IP200B Series Extreme CCTV
Cameras II-128
Advanced Manufacturing Institute Forms Partnership with Hawker
and AASS to Develop Novel Electronic Security System II-129
Anything Mobile Electronics Unveils Novel Line of Hi-Tech
Electronic Security Solutions II-129

Tele2 Sweden Secures Contract from Teletec Connect II-130
Excelitas Technologies Takes Over Kaiser Systems II-130
IdentiSys Takes Over Identification, Presentation and Security
Divisions of Mountainland Business Systems II-130
Senstar Enters into Partnership with PSA Security Network® II-131
Dotworkz Inks Distribution Agreement with Ingram Micro II-131
William Knell & Company Takes Over G&A Lock Service II-131
Zicom and Unisafe Fire Protection Take Over Stake in Phoenix
International II-132
Intransa Forms Distribution Partnership with Norbain II-132
MTeye Security Merges into PIMA Electronic Systems II-132
Beacon Operation Security Services Enters into Partnership
with Wayne Alarm Systems II-132
Audax Group Takes Over Tri-Northern Holdings II-133
Intertek Enters into Partnership with PSA Security Network® II-133
Protection 1 Acquires Camtronic Security Integration II-133
CNL Software Forms Partnership with Convergint Technologies II-133
American Electric Technologies Takes Over Amnor Technologies II-134
American Alarm Takes Over Phoenix Fire Alarm & Communication
and Electronic Alarm Systems II-134
Goldshield ElectronicSecurity Acquires AIS Total Security II-134
Aartech Canada Enters into Partnership Agreement with Paxton
Access II-135
DORMA Enters into Partnership Agreement with Brivo Systems II-135
ASSA ABLOY Takes Over Securistyle Group Holdings II-136
ASSA ABLOY to Acquire Dynaco II-136
ASSA ABLOY Takes Over Helton II-136
ASSA ABLOY to Acquire Sanhe Metal II-136
Command™ Video Management Platform of March Networks and C•
CURE 9000 Security and Event Management System of Software
House Integrate II-137
Botswana Police Service Signs Agreement with Morpho II-137
Woolworths Deploys New Visual Intelligence Software on March
Networks Video Recording Systems II-138
Diebold Modernizes Fire and Security Systems in First Federal
Savings and Loan Association Building II-138
CDS Monarch Installs U.are.U® Fingerprint Keyboards and
DigitalPersona® Pro Enterprise Software of DigitalPersonafor
Electronic Medical Records II-139
MCMC Selects U.are.U® Fingerprint Readers and DigitalPersona®
Pro Software of DigitalPersona for Identity and Access
Management Infrastructure II-139
Saratoga Hospital Installs U.are.U® Fingerprint Keyboards and
DigitalPersona® Pro Enterprise Software of DigitalPersonato
Achieve Compliance with HIPAA and HITECH II-140
Diebold to Select Fire System and State of the Art Security
for Patriot Bank II-140
Hooters Restaurants Installs DigitalPersona Fingerprint
Biometrics for Improving Loss Prevention Efforts II-140
Qatari Bank Selects Financial Surveillance Solution of March
Networks II-140
Denver Regional Transportation District Implements NICE Video
Security Solutions II-141
ASSA ABLOY Takes Over Traka II-141
Christchurch International Airport Selects IP Video
Surveillance Solution of March Networks II-141
Escambia County School District Selects Video Surveillance
System of March Networks II-142
Niscayah to Ink Agreement with LFV for Stockholm Bromma and
Stockholm Arlanda Airports II-142
March Networks® Enters into Partnership with Ottawa Senators II-143
Integrated Security Systems Merges with iSatori Technologies II-143
Codebench Enters into Partnership with Hirsch Identive II-144
ESL Federal Credit Union Implements Financial Solution of
March Networks® II-144
ASSA ABLOY Takes Over Metalind II-145
Honeywell Offers Remote-View App on HRDP H.264 Digital Video
Recorder II-145
March Networks® Bags Order from Leading Financial Institution II-145
Children's Clinics for Rehabilitative Services Deploys
Fingerprint Biometrics of DigitalPersona II-146
Axis Communications Offers Edge Storage for Axis Network Cameras II-147
Lucky Technology Enters into Partnership with SecuGen II-147
D J & P A Pennill Selects CCTV Surveillance and Detection
System of Chubb Fire & Security II-147
Morpho Deploys MorphoBIS Biometric Identification System at
Edmonton and Calgary Police Services II-148
SIS and Prosegur Ink Agreement for Joint Venture in India II-148
Honeywell Offers LYNX Touch Alarm System II-148
Interlogix™ Expands Product Brands Portfolio II-149
ADT Security Services Collaborates with Brivo Systems for
Deploying Brivo ACS OnSite Aparato Solution II-149
Honeywell Unveils Spanish Version of LYNX Plus Residential System II-149
Timet Chooses CCTV System from Chubb Electronic Security II-150
ADT Security Services to Deploy Wireless Video Surveillance
System in Freeport II-150
Raisio Deploys Video Management System Solution of March Networks II-151
KBP Foods and West Quality Food Service Deploy DigitalPersona
U.are.U® Fingerprint Readers II-151
Imprivata® Enters into Partnership with PhoneFactor II-152
Lumidigm Enters into Partnership with Imprivata II-152
Prosegur Takes Over SecurLog II-152
UTC Fire & Security India Establishes Fire Suppression Systems
Plant in Bangalore II-153
Safran Acquires L-1 Identity Solutions II-153
UTC Fire & Security Takes Over Majority Stake in Simtronics II-153
Tyco International to Take Over Chemguard II-153
March Networks® Signs Agreement with Scan Source Security II-154
UTC Fire & Security to Divest Chubb Security Personnel II-154
ADT Security Services Takes Over Proximex II-155
Johnson Controls Building Automation Systems Bags IDIQ
Contract from US Army Engineering and Support Center II-155
Tyco Takes Over Visonic II-155
Philips to Launch Medical Alarm Service II-156
Reliance Inks MOU with Siemens II-156
SWK to Acquire Niscayah II-156
Stanley CSS Acquires AlarmCap II-157
Cincinnati Bell Inks a Deal with Guardian II-157
Orangeburg Merges with Priority One II-157
Zicom Enters Multi-Brand Retail Market II-157
March Networks® Partners with Milcon II-158
ANV Security Group Inks OEM Agreement with ZT II-158
Anxin-China to Acquire Yu Hong Investments from Yu Sheng Holdings II-158
ASG Security Purchases LV Systems II-158
United Technologies Purchases Controlling Stake in Agnice Fire
Protection II-159
Salient Federal Solutions Purchases Electronic Security
Systems Unit II-159
Stanley Black & Decker Acquires Niscayah II-159
Iveda Solutions Obtains Approval to Acquire MEGAsys Taiwan II-160
G4S Secure Solutions Acquires Assets from Alarm Monitoring
Services II-160
Sim-G Technologies Secures Electronic Security Systems
Contract from US Army Unit II-160
CSI Electrical Contractors Rolls Out In-House Security Division II-161

VT Virtual Technology Chooses SecuGen Hamster™ Plus
Fingerprint Reader of SecuGen II-162
Prague Municipal Transport Deploys AXIS 209FD-R Network
Cameras of Axis Communications II-162
Simplex Grinnell and Vicon Industries Deploy IP-Based Security
System in Franklin County Courthouse II-162
Schleuniger Chooses Hamster Plus USB Fingerprint Reader of
SecuGen II-163
Casino de la Vallée Utilizes VideoSphere® Solution of March
Networks® II-163
ASSA ABLOY Takes Over Security Metal Products II-164
ADT Security Services and Fairfax County Ink Cooperative Contract II-164
ASSA ABLOY Takes Over Swesafe II-164
ASSA ABLOY Acquires Share in Agta Record Group II-164
UTC Fire & Security Relaunches Interlogix II-165
Morpho and Mauritanian Ministry of the Interior and
Decentralization Sign Contract II-165
SABMiller Angola Deploys VideoSphere Portfolio of March Networks® II-165
CompuLynx Integrates SecuGen Hamster™ IV Fingerprint Reader
with Account Holder Biometric Authentication & Identification
System of Leading Retail Bank II-166
Abu Dhabi DOT Selects VideoSphere® Solution of March Networks® II-166
Dutch Ministry Selects Sagem Identification for Dutch Travel
Documents II-166
Diebold Unveils WeatherAlert(SM) Services to Enhance
Monitoring Capabilities II-166
ADT Security Systems Introduces Alarming Super Tag® Anti-theft
Tool II-167
Parliament House of India Selects Integrated Security Solution
of NICE Systems II-167
Honeywell Introduces Enhanced Version of Total Connect Remote
Services for Apple® iPod touch® and iPhone® Devices II-168
Chubb Secures Contract from Bulwell Academy to Deploy Fire and
Security Alarm System II-168
Siemens Building Technologies Division Integrates SiPass
Integrated Security Management System with Offline Access
Control Technology of Salto II-168
Honeywell Introduces HD3MDIP Indoor Mini-Dome Camera II-169
Chubb Fire and West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service Extend
Contract II-169
MedWest Health System Implements Video Sphere® Video
Management System of March Networks® II-169
Virtual Case Management® Integrates VCM Software with Hamster
Fingerprint Reader Line of SecuGen II-170
Columbia 9-1-1 Communications District Implements Video
Surveillance Solution of March Networks II-170
Hirsch Electronics Bags Order from US Department of Justice II-171
Tyco International Acquires Broadview Security II-171
ASSA ABLOY Took Over Security Metal Products II-171
NICE Systems Takes Over Lamda Communication Networks II-171
Safran and L-1 Identity Solutions Enter into Definitive Agreement II-172
Prosegur Takes Over Argentina Tellex II-172
Cooper Industries to Take Over Hernis Scan Systems II-173
Dallas Area Rapid Transit Uses SightLogix Intelligent Security
System II-173
Trusted Computer Solutions in Partnership with Praetorian Secure II-174
Norment Security Group Takes Over Engineered Control Systems II-174
GTCR Takes Over Protection One II-174
Schneider Electrics Acquires Zicom Electronic Security Systems II-175
SCM Microsystems to Purchase RockWest Technology Group II-175
RockBridge Growth Acquires Protect America II-175
Electronic Control Security Enters into Strategic Alliance
with JMAR II-175
CBORD Enters into Partnership with ASSA ABLOY II-176
ECSI Forms Strategic Alliance with SRH II-176
Medical Alarm Concepts Enters into Distribution Agreement with
Big New York Drug Store Chain II-177
2GIG Technologies Enters into a Purchase Order Agreement with APX II-177
Norment Enters into Partnership with Fiber Sensys for Security
Solutions II-177
UTC Fire & Security Forms Joint Venture with Zener Group II-178
Schneider Electric to Take Over Assets of Zicom Electronic
Security System's Electronic Security System Business II-178
GTCR Takes Over Protection One II-178
OTI Secures Contract to Assist New ID Project II-179
ADS Security Takes Over Alarm Center Security Systems II-179
Texana Security Takes Over Security Depot II-179
Prosegur Acquires General Industries Argentina (Giasa) II-179
Motorola to Supply Wireless Surveillance Equipment to Abu
Dhabi Police II-180
Moog Takes Over Videolarm II-180
SectorGuard Enters into Binding Agreement to Purchase Legion
Group II-180
Ellies Holdings Acquires Consolidated Associated Technology II-180
Honeywell Signs Agreement with COMPUTERLINKS to Distribute
Combined IP Solutions II-180
Pelco Spins-Off Intelli-M Electronic Access Control Business
Division to Infinias II-181
ADT Security Services Enters into Partnership with iControl
Networks II-181
Tele Management Stockholm Installs Integrated Security System
at The Stockholm City Hall II-181
API Healthcare Inks Agreement with Logicalis to Provide Remote
Hosting Services II-181
WPCS Acquires Pride Electronic Security Systems II-182
THE United Africa Group Takes Over Namibian Unit of Chubb II-182
QRSciences and Digital Security Controls Ink Distribution
Agreement II-182
UTC Acquires GE Security II-183
New Alarm.com Launches New Outdoor IP Camera II-183
G4S Acquires a Unit of Eureka Forbes II-183
AAA Alarms Enters into Agreement with SecurTek II-183

ASSA-ABLOY AB (Sweden) II-184
Axis Communications (Sweden) II-184
Bosch Security Systems (Germany) II-184
Diebold Inc. (US) II-185
Fermax Electronica S.A.E (Spain) II-185
Global Security Solutions (Canada) II-185
Guardian Protection Services, Inc. (US) II-185
Gunnebo AB (Sweden) II-186
Identive Group, Inc., (USA) II-186
Hirsch Identive (USA) II-186
Honeywell International Inc. (US) II-186
Huviron Co., Ltd. (Korea) II-187
Imprivata®, Inc. (US) II-187
Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies (USA) II-187
Kaba Group (Switzerland) II-187
Linear LLC (USA) II-188
March Networks Corporation (Canada) II-188
NAPCO Security Technologies, Inc. (USA) II-188
Niscayah Group AB (Sweden) II-188
PAC International Ltd. (UK) II-189
Panasonic Corporation (Japan) II-189
Schneider Electric SA (France) II-189
Pelco (US) II-189
SAFRAN Group (France) II-189
Morpho Trust USA Inc. (USA) II-190
Secom Co., Ltd. (Japan) II-190
SecuGen Corporation (USA) II-190
Securitas Direct AB (Sweden) II-191
Siemens AG (Germany) II-191
Siemens Building Technology Ltd. (Switzerland) II-191
Siemens Building Technologies, Inc. (USA) II-192
Sony Electronics, Inc. (US) II-192
Toshiba America, Inc. (USA) II-192
Tyco International Ltd. (Bermuda) II-192
ADT Security Services, Inc. (US) II-193
Tyco Fire & Security (US) II-193
United Technologies Corporation (USA) II-193
UTC Fire & Security (USA) II-193
Chubb Plc (UK) II-194
Chubb Securite S.A.S (France) II-194
Chubb Edwards (Canada) II-194
Yoko Technology Corp. (Taiwan) II-194

Table 2: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
Electronic Security Systems by Region - US, Canada, Japan,
Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World Markets
Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$
Million for Years 2010 through 2018 (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) II-195

Table 3: World Historic Review for Electronic Security Systems
by Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin
America and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed with
Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2004 through
2009 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-196

Table 4: World 15-Year Perspective for Electronic Security
Systems by Region - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for
US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and
Rest of World Markets for 2004, 2011 and 2018 (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-197

Table 5: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
Alarms by Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific,
Latin America and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed
with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2010
through 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-198

Table 6: World Historic Review for Alarms by Region - US,
Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of
World Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures
in US$ Million for Years 2004 through 2009 (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-199

Table 7: World 15-Year Perspective for Alarms by Region -
Percentage Breakdown of Dollar Sales for US, Canada, Japan,
Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World Markets
for 2004, 2011 and 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-200

Table 8: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
Electronic Access Control Systems by Region - US, Canada,
Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World
Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in
US$ Million for Years 2010 through 2018 (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-201

Table 9: World Historic Review for Electronic Access Control
Systems by Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific,
Latin America and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed
with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2004
through 2009 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-202

Table 10: World 15-Year Perspective for Electronic Access
Control Systems by Region - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar
Sales for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin
America and Rest of World Markets for 2004, 2011 and 2018
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-203

Table 11: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment by Region - US, Canada,
Japan, Europe, Asia- Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World
Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in
US$ Million for Years 2010 through 2018 (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-204

Table 12: World Historic Review for CCTV/Video Surveillance
Equipment by Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific,
Latin America and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed
with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2004
through 2009 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-205

Table 13: World 15-Year Perspective for CCTV/Video
Surveillance Equipment by Region - Percentage Breakdown of
Dollar Sales for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific,
Latin America and Rest of World Markets for 2004, 2011 and
2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-206

Table 14: World Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
Other Electronic Security Systems by Region - US, Canada,
Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America and Rest of World
Markets Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in
US$ Million for Years 2010 through 2018 (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) II-207

Table 15: World Historic Review for Other Electronic Security
Systems by Region - US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific,
Latin America and Rest of World Markets Independently Analyzed
with Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2004
through 2009 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-208

Table 16: World 15-Year Perspective for Other Electronic
Security Systems by Region - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar
Sales for US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin
America and Rest of World Markets for 2004, 2011 and 2018
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) II-209


A.Market Analysis III-1
Current and Future Analysis III-1
Current Market Scenario III-1
Table 17: Electronic Security Systems (2011): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Number of Installations by Type of
Application (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-1

Table 18: Access Control Market (2011): Percentage Share
Breakdown of Revenue by End-Use Market (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) III-2
Major Factors Influencing Security Systems Market III-2
Enhanced Security Post-Sept 11 Attacks III-2
Crime III-2
Economic Conditions III-3
Residential Building Activities III-3
Trends III-3
The Growing Security Analytics Market III-3
Growth Prospects for the Commercial Market III-3
Digital Security Systems Hold the Key to Market Growth III-3
Technological Innovations Boost Market Growth III-4
Use of CCTV in the US III-5
Table 19: US Video Surveillance Transmission (2011):
Percentage Share Breakdown of Methods of Transmission for
Coaxial Cable, Ethernet/IP network, UTP/Twisted pair,
Fiber Optic and Wireless. (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) III-5
Burglar & Fire Alarm Continue Sluggish Growth III-5
Table 20: US Fire/Burglar Alarm Market (2011): Percentage
Breakdown of Value of Imports by Source Country (includes
corresponding Graph/Chart) III-6

Table 21: US Fire/ Burglar Alarm Market (2011): Percentage
Share Breakdown of Value of Exports by Destination Country
(includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-6
Adoption of Biometrics and Chip Cards by Airports on the Rise III-6
Biometrics' Fingerprint ID Tool in Demand III-7
Chemical Industry Takes a Hard Look at Security III-7
Banks Evince Interest in Encryption Technology III-7
Violations in Computer Networks Affect 90% of Corporations
and Government Agencies III-7
Sales from Advanced Security Systems to Rise III-7
System Integration and Convergent Innovation - Industry's
Buzz Words . III-8
It Pays to be a One-Stop Shop for Customer's Security Needs . III-8
Strategic Corporate Developments III-8
Product Launches III-29
Key Regional Players III-48
B.Market Analytics III-54
Table 22: US Recent Past, Current & Future Analysis for
Electronic Security Systems by Product Segment - Alarms,
Electronic Access Control Systems, CCTV/Video Surveillance
Equipment and Other Markets Independently Analyzed with
Annual Sales Figures in US$ Million for Years 2010 through
2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-54

Table 23: US Historic Review for Electronic Security Systems
by Product Segment - Alarms, Electronic Access Control
Systems, CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment and Other Markets
Independently Analyzed with Annual Sales Figures in US$
Million for Years 2004 through 2009 (includes corresponding
Graph/Chart) III-55

Table 24: US 15-Year Perspective for Electronic Security
Systems by Product Segment - Percentage Breakdown of Dollar
Sales for Alarms, Electronic Access Control Systems,
CCTV/Video Surveillance Equipment and Other Markets for
2004, 2011 and 2018 (includes corresponding Graph/Chart) III-56

A.Market Analysis III-57
Current and Future Analysis III-57
Regulations III-57
Surveillance Market in Canada III-57
Integrated Security Systems III-57
Table 25: Canadian Fire/Burglar Alarm Market (2011):
Percentage Breakdown of Imports in

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