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Android equivalent of iOS Guided Access Mode

Applies to:
Product SureLock
Platform Android

iOS Guided Access feature limits your access to only one application and disables hardware buttons of your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Guided Access’s easy functionality and effective lock down has made iPads an ideal and economical way to setting up kiosks and dedicated display devices or signage.

And if you are looking for Guided Access equivalent feature in Android device, you may find it little disappointing that there isn’t any such internal features. However you can take help from SureLock’s Single Application Mode feature which:

+ Locks your device to just one application

+ Password protects the lockdown

+ Hides/Prevents Bottom/Navigation Bar and Mini Apps Usage

+ Prevents access to Device Settings and Notifications

+ Disables hardware buttons like volume and power On/Off

Here is how you can lock your android device to run just one application:

1.    Download and Install SureLock

2.    Access SureLock Admin Settings by tapping on SureLock Screen 5 times within 3 seconds

3.    On password prompt, enter your SureLock Admin Settings password

4.    Tap on Allowed Applications and add the application to be run in Single Application Mode

5.    Now go to SureLock Settings and enable Single Application Mode

6.    Return to SureLock Home Screen and your application will now start running in Single Application Mode

What if your Single Mode application requires use of other applications to run or function?

Simple, allow those applications and hide them using Hide Icon option. This will hide those applications however will function when accessed using the Single Mode application

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