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SOFT GEAR Announces the "Graphyte" 3D Engine for Android OS

SOFT GEAR Co., Ltd. (hereinafter) is pleased to announce that its "Graphyte 2.2" 3D game engine supports Google's Android OS.


As devices become more sophisticated in the ever-expanding smartphone market, applications and content are expected to become more diversified and richly featured. Processing speed in particular increases remarkably, and this creates a desire for the provision of a development environment for full-fledged 3D applications. We have therefore made "Graphyte", our 3D engine for Windows and iOS, compatible also for Android OS.

About Graphyte

Graphyte is a 3D engine for Windows, iOS, and Android OS.
This engine features task management functions and rendering functions optimized for multi-core CPUs. In addition, it supports model rendering and animation playback as well as shader management functions, also offering high-speed processing for physics simulation.
Graphyte has been designed from the very beginning to allow operation between various platforms. It can thus use the data and source code of an application running on a given platform to run them on a different platform. Since the data and source code can be used as is, developers can advance development simultaneously for multiple platforms. While 3D application development often involves increased costs, use of Graphyte can significantly cut down 3D application development time.

Demo application

"Floatland", a "Graphyte" operation verification application, is available.
-- iTunes App Store
-- Google play


The "Graphyte" documentation is available.

Additions and changes from Version 2.1

  • Support of Android OS
  • Normal Map
  • Enhanced support of texture image formats

Main features provided by Graphyte

  • Task management and execution (optimized for multi-core CPUs)
  • Collision detection functions
  • Physics simulation
  • Shader management
  • Particle effect
  • Audio
  • Resource management

Supported platforms

Windows XP and later (Direct X 9.0 and later)
iOS (Version 5.0 and later)
Android OS (Version 4.0 and later)


C++ (Objective-C++ can also be used for the iOS version)

Future development

With the aim to provide an integrated environment that offers ever higher convenience to customers, we will further expand the array of functions and multi-platform support of "Graphyte".

Function expansion

We will enhance support of editor functions through the adoption of data-driven design. We are aiming for a library that allows non-programming game development. We are also enhancing functions for 2D application development through the addition of UI implementation and other functions.

Multi-platform support

We will provide support for Windows 8.1 and home-use game machines, and develop platform-independent content.

Based on the two keywords of networks and 3D, SOFT GEAR aims to contribute to market expansion and technological innovation through the provision of development environments with a strong focus on the rich content market, which we expect to further expand.


SOFT GEAR Co., Ltd. is a company that offers creativity and excitement through online content development. Since the inception of the company, we have been focusing on creative product development and the creation of development environments with particular focus on game development technology.

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